Bar Stool Reviews

Here are our reviews of the bar stools on the market. We make sure to review as many different varieties of stools as possible and provide you with an accurate review of the advantages and disadvantages of all the stools. Unlike other sites our reviews can be trusted as we do not sell any stools ourselves giving us no reason to produce misleading reviews. Below are the reviews of our uncategorised types of stools.

CPL Bar Stool Monaco Brown Review

Here we have a very special bar stool. The wave design of the wooden seat is very unique compared to other stools giving you a one of a kind stool to impress your visitors. The stool has full Swivel capabilities including a solid footrest making sitting on the stool for longer periods of time very comfortable.

The wood and chrome metal legs are finished to a very high quality. Fully adjustable seat height makes the stool perfect for people of all sizes and bars of all sizes.

The non porous build materials make it very easy for cleaning when those little accidents happen. The durability of the stool will provide a longer life than other leather or fabric stools.